Cryptographic Implementations

Cryptographic Implementations is a new group in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, complementing the existing Coding Theory and Cryptology group. The core mission of the Cryptographic Implementations group is to cryptographically protect every Internet packet against espionage, corruption, and sabotage. The group's publications feature several recurring research themes:

Cryptographic Implementations is also the home of the Saber cluster.

Group members (chronological order)

Group funding

The department

When the group was created (mid-2012) the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science had 38 full professors, 16 associate professors, 52 assistant professors, 39 lecturers/researchers, 29 postdocs, 97 Ph.D. students, and various staff etc. There is an automatically updated online list of current department personnel. The department is divided into seven sections—

—plus several research institutes.

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